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P. I. Services

          Here at Fast Bounty Investigations, we believe that private investigation services can make a serious difference in the life of a client.  Rather the service needed is to confirm the truth as it relates to an unfaithful partner or a background check of a potential boyfriend or girlfriend or a background check on a baby sitter watching your children or private nurse taking care of a love one, we strongly believe that our clients DESERVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH.  This is where our fine investigators come to deliver the truth regarding your case.


Like all services offered by Fast Bounty Investigations, our infidelity case unit has a unique approach to handling these investigations that has proven to be successful regardless of the results.  We have nothing to do with and can NOT control the outcome of a case and we have had true and accurate results confirming both infidelity and true or faithful spouses.  We have had evidence that our investigators obtained through lawful infidelity investigations used in both Child Custody Cases as well as Divorce Cases.  To request a FREE quote on an infidelity case now click HERE.


Our Background Check services can be used in several ways to help protect you, your love ones, employee's, and/or your assets in a very important way.  Here at Fast Bounty Investigations, we offer two levels of background checks.  The first is a BASIC background check which is simply an automated check of an individual's Criminal History.  The pricing on a basic background check is directly tied to the area in which you want the criminal records checked.  In other words, we would need to know specifically if you wish to check the State of Colorado or the entire Nation which is a NCIC check for criminal records.  The BASIC background check is the check utilized by most our background check request.  The second type of background check offered by Fast Bounty is a PREMIUM background check.  This PREMIUM background check service is an actual private investigation of the individual in question.  This service includes everything provided by the BASIC background check only the actual private investigation of the subject can provide a lot more information that is not caught or even reported though a "Criminal" background search/check.  To request a FREE background quote now click HERE.


One of the founding fathers of this organization has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting and several years of corporate and small business experience.  That partner leads our Forensic Accounting Case Unit.  Services provided through this department include Employee Theft and Loss Prevention,  Asset Searches, various financial audits, and a large variety of financial fraud investigation cases.   If you have a Forensic Case that you would like a FREE quote on, please click HERE.


This is an area that several of our investigators possess several years of experience.  This is also an area that we are passionate about due to some the cases we have handled over the years.  One simple example was a case involving a Father of a kid that the Father has not seen for 7 years and now the young man is 21 years old or the case involving a Mother of a missing teenager who voluntarily ran away at the age of 16 1/2 years old and at the time we received the case the young lady was 20 years old and we located her in perfect health having had two children living nearly 1,000 miles away from the Mother.  So if you have a missing persons case and would like a FREE quote, click HERE.


The Fast Bounty Investigations Criminal Defense Investigative Unit is a group of three investigators that use our unique approach to providing quality services to individuals as well as attorneys.  As we all know, unfortunatly a lot of innocent people go to jail every day.  This is a sad fact and what's more sad is those innocent people would have benefited in a big way if they hired us and a good attorney together we may uncover the obvious truth and they would be FREE now instead of in jail or with a record WRONGFULLY CONVICTED!  So if you have a criminal defense case that could use a professional, wise and effective investigator please click HERE for a FREE quote now.


We provide Armed Security to the public, private, and government officials primarily in the Denver Metro Area of Colorado.  Every member of the Fast Bounty Armed Security Unit has a concealed weapons permit, related experience (e.g. armored bank security experience and the like)  as well as security training specifically for carry out successful protection of assets and/or persons.  This department of Fast Bounty also provides Security for special events.  If you have an Armed Security need and would like a FREE quote, click HERE.

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